I wish to describe my newest works intentions clearly (unlike my usual story telling or poetry) this is a picture of a Didgeridoo with a painting a representation of the iconic Vegemite jar with the word ‘Sorrymite’, an object that most Australian recognise all most instantly. So in the spirit of recognition I would like […]

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Murrie Krishna

Once in the dream time a blue boy sat play his didgeridoo, he played hypnotically on top of a rock in the middle of the Australian out back. I ask him ‘who are you?’ and he replied to me, “I am Krishna, better known to the peoples of this land as the Rainbow serpent” I […]

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Bisney ‘The making of’

As a way to engross my subscribers into my creative process I invite you to behold the ‘magic’ of Bisney in the making: (image those words sounding like the over dramatic narration of Hollywood movie previews) 

Hope you enjoy the post,  by the way so impressed with the creative work I have seen on WP lately such clever little beans we all are!!

Bisney 'The making of'
A drawing is born



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How many dicks would snow white have had to suck if she was real, not a cartoon character?!  So lets get the story straight my names ‘Valerie, and I from New York’, she exclaimed in a strong, wise guys-ist kinda way,  “Yeah I came from New Jersey, to Hollywood to be a big star”, “Just […]

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The Keepers of The Red Sea

Have you ever been to a sea without water? A never ending sea of red dust, an ancient land protected by an ancient people, destroyed by an invading agenda, the ancient people cry out in the wind, In pain the few who remain must live in the dream time, A lost world, a lost land, […]

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