Mother nature made this. It is beautiful but its beauty like all beauty comes with a lifespan. Perhaps beauty is not supposed to be forever?

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Hour Glass Figure

The race to win a man against the clicking biological clock, because ‘you’ll find some one’, funny thing is, I don’t want someone, nor do I believe I need someone. I found me lets start by loving her first.    

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Fake News

Plastic and fantastic fake news, its biggest enemy one who sports fake hair with fake tan and a doll for a wife… Pot, yes Kettle?Fake News

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Burn for You

I’m like your lighter, I burn for you with one touch I’m on fire But just like your bic I am put away or tosssed when you no longer have use for me. No matter for you I still burn now maybe always. 

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Late Night Colours

Sitting in the darkness, the computer screen glow covers her face, another day done, another she wishes would be her last, for when the morning comes and eyes open all she feels is pain. If only I could hold you, comfort you, for one day the sun will come up and hope it will bring, […]

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