The Keepers of The Red Sea

Have you ever been to a sea without water? A never ending sea of red dust, an ancient land protected by an ancient people, destroyed by an invading agenda, the ancient people cry out in the wind, In pain the few who remain must live in the dream time, A lost world, a lost land, […]

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Decay of the pink flower

I don’t comprehend it myself, however, our perception is our reality, so nothing is beyond or impossible to do if you allow it to be.    

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Girl in a Gas mask

Hallucination: a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind, caused by various physical and mental disorders, or by the reaction to certain toxic substances, and usually manifested as visual or auditory images. Advertisements

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Flame Tree

In the mist of the urban sprawl a tree grows, as it’s branches feather out touching the sky above it blooms an explosion of red berries. Nature showing her tremendous beauty for all to see, do you see?flame tree

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The sun rays beat down upon me as a stared at the many flowers growing in the garden bed, I pondered for a moment, all these varieties colors, shapes, sizes co-existing together in its land of the urban garden.

How is it we cannot take a leaf (ha) from its book and do the same?

Co-exist in peace with the knowledge that to survive we must work together no matter what the color, shape or size.  photo 1 (5)


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Snap Dragon

So delicately the snapdragon tongue rolls down to temp the bee flying by, a beautiful flower like a wide stretched mouth jaws ready to snap, ah an interesting trap.    A3 sketch done with coloured charcoal Advertisements

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Little baby Frankie sleeping so sweetly, what do you dream about little boy? Do you dream of your next toy? Or maybe a puppy would give you joy? Perhaps your style is more a flying car? Who could say what kind of kid you are?   ’til one day soon you begin to speak, one can […]

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