Ebb and Flow: The Syrian Migration

photo 1 (3)As my response to a Local Art Fair entry asking for an artist response to the idea of Ebb and Flow I pondered for some time, even felt a bit stuck on it until…

I thought about the change and flow of governments and people. How we (mankind) much like the river and water ways of the world have brunch out flowing to all parts of the globe. And what is a better current depiction of that very thing, then the Syrian refugees? I like all evolved beings do, believe that we should help these people establish new lives in which ever country they can as I don’t believe in borders, well not for the purpose of blocking out legitimate people fleeing from a war torn country. After all, if you believe in Christianity or evolution they both teach that we essentially all came from the same people so are we not all brothers, sisters, family?  But then again I know little of Family but I know in my heart when I see the photos of the children, staring into the lens with the honest innocent look of fear, in need of help that shutting them out is wrong.

Governments need to get off the high horse and out of the ivory towers and help because one day that could be their children.


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