Lest to forget

In a far away time, and a far away place, men cried out for country, for state, blood was shed, lives lost, for those who head nations will have victory at any cost, so now in a close time, in a close place, we shall remember the lives that were ended in that place, for […]

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Wild flower

Wild flowers grow here and there, in the wild flowers live the wild fairies All the fairy boys and girls with there little tiny curls, and clothes made of nuts and berries.  If your lucky and look really close maybe one day you will see one, good luck!  

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Carlos the Clay Cat

In a garden there was a cat, on a path there he sat, never ageing or complaining No noisy me-hews or dirty brown mounds nor worry of pounds, Clay cats are cool like that, So for those that are busy but cat lover are thee, Carlos the Clay cat is where its at, No doubts […]

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The Vine door way

From the river bank of Brisbane with love, I draw this door to no where but hey I dream that through it I am transported to some better place.grape-vine.jpg

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Because I felt I needed more colour in my work and in my life.  I think the sun may finally be shinning again, been to long since I’ve felt its warmth.  Advertisements

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The face in the ash tree

Based on photos of the ash fields of the burnt forests of Tasmania, a tree holds on to the bare bones of life amounst the wreck. It was to my surprise a face appeared clear as can be for all to see, who are you face in the tree? Advertisements

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Pigs in Politics

Peter the pink pig  loves playing with precious power of politics  Advertisements

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